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  • 01
  • Empower your school with
    21st-century skills

    Transform your school into an excellence hub.
    • STEM-based hands-on learning
    • Chitti certified diploma program
    • Equip your teachers and students with 21st-century skills
  • 02
  • Activity-Based Learning

    Our teaching methods go beyond textbooks. Through engaging activities, children build confidence in their abilities.
    • 1000+ engaging videos
    • User-friendly educational program
    • In-depth understanding of subjects and developing critical skills.
  • 03
  • Teacher Training Program

    Good teachers make great students, we empower your teachers through our interactive modules.
    • Training with top STEM experts.
    • Exposure to activity based Teaching Methodology.
    • Year long teacher training program with Chitti Certification
  • 04
  • Chitti Maker Lab

    Our animations, analogies, and experiments foster a deeper understanding of Science and Mathematics among students.
    • Hands-On Experiments
    • 100+ experiments and activities
  • 05
  • Personalized Career Guidance

    In a world filled with career opportunities, choosing the most suitable path is critical. Our AI-driven career guidance tool is your children's trusted advisor in this important decision-making process.
    • Master Class with Field Experts
    • India's best AI-based career assessment
    • Report based on Orientation, Interest, Personality & Aptitude
  • 06
  • Mega Science Fest

    Discover a universe of innovation at Mega Science Fest! Witness the brilliance of young minds as they come together to exhibit their captivating science models.
    • Encourages Creativity
    • Encourages teamwork among students
    • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
Our Achievements

Google Award

STEM educational Videos for Google

TN Awards

Created 2500+ Science and Math academic videos for TN government schools

Vikatan Awards

Imparted STEM skills through workshops for Tamil Nadu students

Black sheep Awards

Best educational content creator in Tamil

Tamil Nadu schools love us!
Nalanda International Public School
A truly fascinating and successful hands-on learning experience, captivating students and teachers alike with its innovative infrastructure and practical teaching approach. A game changer in education!
- Dr. Puveearasan
Kumutha Matriculation Higher Secondary School - Principal
Chitti Powered School has ignited a passion for hands-on learning among students. They find it easy to understand concepts, and we're excited about the increasing number of admissions next year.
- Mrs. S Manjula
Primbuds garden - correspondent
Our school transformed with Chitti Powered Schools! Their STEM lab setup and teacher training brought hands-on learning alive. Students love it.
- Mr. J Senthil Swamy
sairam group of institution - ceo
Chitti Powered Schools made STEM exciting for our students. The teachers and labs got a boost, making learning engaging and fun. This program aligns perfectly with our mission to prepare students for the future. Thank you, Chitti, for your invaluable support!
- Mr. Sai Prakash Leo Muthu
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