• What is Chitti ?
    Chitti is one of the best collective learning platforms that has evolved with multiple features focussed to groom people in quest for knowledge.
    Chitti provides :
    • Chitti Classes for K-12 students.
    • Chitti NEET -JEE training for Medicine and Engineering aspirants.
    • Chitti Garage as an extracurricular platform to develop experiential learning.
  • Should you create an individual login for all sub-platforms?
    One single account created for login on Chitti can be used for getting into its sub-platforms like Chitti Classes, Chitti NEET-JEE and Chitti Garage.
  • Which feature of Chitti is useful for me?
    If you are a school student who wishes to study and understand concepts of the school syllabus easily with real-life examples, animations and applications then Chitti Classes will best suit you.
    If you are a student aspiring to crack NEET, JEE entrance exams, through proper training then Chitt NEET-JEE will help you the best.
    If you are a student who has a strong desire for practical learning, then Chitti Garage will best suit you. This platform will help you build your own garage at home where you can develop your skills.
  • What is the Cost of membership and packages available?
    Chitti doesn’t have a collective membership for its sub-platforms. Each platform will have its individual subscription packages.
    • Chitti Classes will have monthly subscriptions.
    • Chitti Garage will have multiple courses and the users can subscribe to as many courses as they want by paying for each of them.
    • Chitti NEET-JEE is provided free access to all account holders for its entire library.
  • Refund guarantee option available?
    We provide a 100% guarantee for a refund of the subscription if you do not like our product/course/service and inform us within three days of successful payment for the same.
  • Will I get a refund if I want to cancel the course/product/service/package purchased?
    Please contact our support team support@chitti.app for canceling the subscription within three days of successful subscription.
  • When will I receive a refund for the failed transaction/canceled subscription?
    The amount will be refunded from our end within 24 hours of request and should reflect in your respective account within 4-5 working days. In case it is a nationalized bank, it may take a maximum of 10 working days.
    You may check with your bank once for the refund status. If you are unable to get any details on your refund status, please get in touch with us on support@chitti.app