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Chitti Classes
Engaging Conceptual video lessons simplified in native language for better understanding.
Mentoring platform for ardent Medicine and Engineering aspirants to crack the entrances.
Chitti Labs
Skill-development platform for experiential learning and mastering your skills from home.
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Chitti School
School for practical studies with our guidance on Curriculum, Extra Curriculum, Personality Development
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How chitti helps students?
Visualize every STEM concepts with quality animations, experiments and applications with the help of 1000+ concept videos.
Chitti will help you to explore beyond books, develop new skills and find your passion. So why wait! Start exploring right now.
You can access every chitti services right from your home with the help of our fun apps designed meticulously to engage students.
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What if Netflix & Cartoons make students smarter
Each and every concept videos, projects & other activities in Chitti is carefully curated to engage the students in fun way at the same time make them learn the concepts with deep understanding.
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